Longevity, what does it mean—long life, endurance, survival, persistence?

Biologists define longevity as “the average life span expected under a set of conditions.” Today society views longevity as living longer by any means possible, by managing methods of relief (e.g., surgical and pharmaceutical interventions). However, natural methods of repair and maintenance are superior to managed methods of relief. With experience and research, and through my practice, I have come to redefine longevity.

Longevity Today

To live to old age while our body breaks down, deteriorates, and decays until there is no life. It is about prolonging life, avoiding death, and managing disease, and this is unnatural.

Longevity Ideally

To maintain the body in health, vigor, vitality,
and joy until the last minute of life.

KI Healing Arts desires to create a community whose purpose is achieving longevity naturally through a healthy lifestyle thereby allowing for the study and implementation of research and enabling best practices for future generations to be studied and implemented. Learning to understand or decode your genetic blueprint and pass this on through natural methods is our focus.

The natural lifespan of humans varies considerably in the same environment. Centenarians and their children have been shown to have lower chances of age-related disease and exhibit a more youthful profile. This might suggest the centenarians have been able to unlock or decode their natural blueprint for health and longevity. They may not have a conscious awareness of this, but we do know there are pockets of towns and villages throughout the world whose inhabitants live to be centenarians who are free of disease and dementia, living life with vigor and vitality.

“Centenarians live to 100+ but rarely suffer from common aging diseases, meaning they are healthy up to the last minute of life.” There are multiple sources available for this quote, and I have encountered this statement in writings that go back for hundreds of years. Does this only refer to longevity or is it the natural way we should be living every day?

I am not alone in the belief that this goal is possible. As a community we can become guides and role models for others to follow. I am not sure that everyone will be able to follow this path fully, but we can work towards your individual point of health and joy, while providing a benefit for others as they work to unlock their own code.

Our Mission

Focusing on health and aging naturally is the foundation of
KI Healing Arts.

The mission of KI Healing Arts is to improve and extend life through a healthy lifestyle.
We provide education and training, healing, and spiritual services using a combination of natural methods.

We aspire to inspire individual reflection leading to change.