The mission of KI Healing Arts is to improve and extend life through a healthy lifestyle. We provide education and training, healing, and spiritual services using a combination of natural methods. We aspire to inspire individual reflection leading to change.

My experience has been that through a variety of health practices, each person becomes more aware of themselves, which results in a desire to learn and become healthier, leading to a happier state of being. This state grows exponentially as time passes. Change soon becomes effortless.

Philosophy is the foundation of my life.  I study ancient Qigong, Hebrew, Egyptian, and more using these ancient philosophies in combination with modern science in order to uncover connections between the past and present. 

I use my intuitive gifts to assist individuals in developing their own intuitive gifts. As you gain health mentally and physically you gain intuition. Open the mind and body to health, using your intuition to guide you. Any age, any time, that is the best time to start. This is your journey, make it a healthy one.

People are complicated. There is no one answer, no quick fix, no pill. You do need the will and persistence. According to a study on longevity which was initiated by Dr. Tilman and spanned approximately 90+ years, the two strongest contributors to longevity were conscientiousness and persistence. Community is said to be another important factor, but countless loners are centenarians. That said, creating a community of individuals who choose to change how we see; and experience aging is the goal of KI Healing Arts. As a community we can collect data and track progress, and this will help future generations as well as ourselves. At any age change can have a profound effect on your life. Change happens even if you do nothing. If you take no action, you will age and eventually die. Instead, you could actively participate in achieving positive change along the way.

I have discovered several patterns that centenarians followed. Examining these patterns and moving toward the pattern that is best for you is a good start. In a community of individuals seeking healthy and healing change, you will feel safe in exploring and trusting your intuition as you explore paths. Buddha said, “There are 84,000 paths to enlightenment.” How may paths to longevity could there be?