By Rev. Dr. Karen Cimaglia  |  December 3, 2021

A brief discussion of the energy of money will clarify why KI Healing Arts is a nonprofit. I find it difficult to charge people for certain services I provide. Some things are my gift and I prefer to share. When we constantly believe our gifts are for profit, we hold back and regulate their use in exchange for something of perceived monetary value versus see our gifts as something to be shared.

I see a healthy person as valuable, one who moves from being a burden to being self-sufficient and, ultimately, to being in a state of joy. My gifts are a service that creates a value to society that is far greater than money can compensate.

But back to the energy of money.  Yes, money is energy however this energy is NOT divine in nature. There is nothing natural about the energy of money. Money is a tool created by humans.  Money is not bad but is money used wisely? That is a resounding NO.

A divine force did not create money nor the concept of money.  Humans felt the need to create money, and it has evolved into a trap that creates greed, insecurity, jealousy, fear and other negative emotions. There is nothing positive about money. If you have money you will worry about it.  If you don’t have money you worry about it. In some cases, people receive money in abundance but are not ready and do not understand how to use money and it is gone before they know what happened.

Divine forces created things that are natural. Joy is a natural and pure emotion; it has no negative. You cannot buy joy but when you experience joy, true joy, you don’t need money, in fact money often taints’ the experience of joy. Joy can be experienced in a place of giving and in a place of receiving, especially when you understand the joy of giving.

A nonprofit provides a vehicle for giving and receiving, which can make it divine in nature. Money, on the other hand, is simply a tool that need not be the driving force of humanity. Do we create things to share or things to separate us? Money is here for the experience, and if you don’t understand the energy, you can get caught in the cycle of need versus use. My joy comes from giving as well as from receiving. When I receive it is because someone had the opportunity to give and experience the joy of giving.

Health is a force; it is an energy. Mental, physical and spiritual health are necessary for true joy to exist. Good health is a divine place to exist and experience life in this world. The force and power of good health is your right in nature. It cannot be bought; it must be obtained and maintained. When this force is depleted and dysfunctional it is debilitating, and no amount of money can change this.

THE ULTIMATE POWER IS HEALTH, and A HEALTHY PERSON IS A WORK OF ART.  It is the beauty of nature and all that is truly natural. At KI Healing Arts our goal is to help those who seek good health to experience and enjoy the many ways in which good health can be obtained and maintained.